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I'm a former Teacher and Parole Officer, Crafter, Writer, Master's Degree holder, Celiac, philanthropist, DINK, and Girlfriend of an active-duty US Marine blogging about our adventurous military life and how all of the above fits into it!

Random Shades of Me:

  • I change my own tires
  • I'm part girlie girl and part bada$$
  • I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college
  • I'm a 70's baby/Generation Xer
  • I grew up with brothers so I get along with men more than women
  • When I was younger, I'd try just about everything, and now I know myself well enough that I know when I won't like something so I don't feel the need to try everything (spelunking, for example)
  • My mom taught me that most people have 4 careers so I never planned on teaching more than ten years
  • I'm loquacious and enjoy telling stories
  • I hate to be the center of attention and getting my photo taken
  • I believe in gratitude, telling the truth even when it hurts, and being a go-getter (no excuses)
  • I like that my hair is straight and super fine, soft
  • I hate that my hair is unmanageable, flyaway, and very thin
  • I've never wanted to be a mother.  In 5th grade I wrote an essay about becoming a career woman and possibly adopting one child.  I think it might have been the Cabbage Patch Doll Effect.
  • As a teacher, I was known for wearing colorful skirts and dresses with matching heels
  • I enjoyed wearing a uniform and hot pink handcuffs as a parole officer
  • I love philanthropic endeavors, but do not feel sorry for people who play the victim or self-sabotage
  • I enjoy traveling but also like to create a happy home "nest" and explore wherever the military takes us
  • I'd rather have someone tell me that I'm smart than tell me that I'm pretty
  • My personality doesn't match my looks, so people are often startled when they realize I'm spunky
Things I've learned from Experience that I wish other people would realize...
  • As a former teacher, I just wish parents would let children try things for themselves and deal with failure, rather than donning the role of Super Dad or Martyr Mom doing and deciding too many things FOR their kids (pragmatically avoiding messes, struggles, and inefficiency) yet robbing their children of the pride and satisfaction of accomplishing things on their own and learning problem-solving/decision-making/coping skills/delayed gratification
  • As a former parole officer, I wish people would stop thinking there are no jobs for convicted felons (there are plenty of entry level jobs out there!  Minimum wage jobs offer quick advancement after you show up on time for a couple months, so they aren't minimum wage for long.)
  • Also along the parole line, I wish people would realize that long-term marijuana use changes the brain and causes demotivational syndrome that ruins the lives of users and their children
  • As a military significant other, I wish people would realize that US Marines are smart.  As a whole, young Marines are more educated than their peers.  Many of them have lots of opportunities but choose to be a Marine because it's their calling, a family tradition, a brotherhood, or they want to do an active job rather than sitting in a classroom right after high school.  They must have a h.s. diploma, GEDs are not allowed.
  • As a child of divorce, I wish divorced people would get along for the sake of their kids
  • As a child of a single working mom on food stamps, I wish people would realize there are hungry kids in America 
  • As a childfree adult, I wish people would stop with their rude advice/reactions and respect my choices
  • As a woman, I wish women would stop guilting each other and comparing themselves to each other, but instead lift each other up, share/enjoy each other's success, and be less judgemental
  • As a Scandinavian American, I wish people would recognize that I come from a rich culture that is nothing like that of Thanksgiving Pilgrims
  • As a woman, I wish it wouldn't take so much more for me to receive the respect men do instantly (especially from women) For example, assuming men teach high school and presuming I teach elementary school.  This couples with another assumption that since more men teach high school, it must be more difficult to teach.

2014 Q&A:  Reflecting on 2013
(borrowed from bloggers Jenn Kara)
What were your Highlights of 2013?
We saw and visited lots of family and friends in other states!
One of my parolees murdered someone.
They closed my office and we worked from home & our state cars.
My partner left the job (abruptly).
I organized/hosted a gluten free dinner club event.
I was injured in a minor car accident and had 3 months of pain, needles, and phys.therapy.
I lost 11 lbs on Lyn-Genet's The Plan (my first real diet plan, it was more for detox & elimination)
My shooting (.40 Glock) improved and I'm pretty darn good!
I got more new bosses (6 in 2 years) which led me to quit my job earlier than planned.
My niece was born and my brother got his first house.
I jogged my first 15K &kept my criteria of not walking and not hating it!
We went to lots of formal events and I continued to support our military families by welcoming them at PAR training, maintaining the unit fb group I started,
 and sending new baby gifts to them (1 or 2 per month)!
I $aved a bunch of $$ for my retirement account.
We hiked 38.6 miles (half) of the Georgia section of The Appalachian Trail.
We went to lots of theatre, museums, etc. and checked lots of stuff off our Georgia "bucket list"
Seth sold the albatross of an old house he had.
My marine kept his goal of taking vacation days (leave) and we got 5 in a row!
I met new friends and got together with far-away old ones!
I hiked (with a REAL, 30lb backpack) and went paintballing for the first time.
Seth learned to like the beach (5 hours at Tybee Island!)
Did you keep your New Year's Resolutions and will you make more for next year?

Several of the above highlights are from the resolutions/goals I had set from last year.  I have always made a 'goal list' each new year and still have them from 1998.  My honey bun has joined me since 2011.  The ones for 2014 include going to Norway (my heritage!), finishing hiking the last half of the Georgia Appalachian Trail, teach Zen Art class (March 8!), sell and purge stuff for a lighter move (PCS), have a nice Change-of-Command ceremony for Seth (providing he doesn't get the always-dreaded short-tour), enjoy our new destination wherever the military takes us, and set up a neighborhood library at my new house.

Did anyone close to you die?
My uncle, Chet.  He lived a long, healthy life, despite a developmental disability.
What countries did you visit?
Mexico.  I also checked off new states:  New Jersey, Pennsylvania,and Tennessee.
What would you like to have in 2014 that you didn't have in 2013?
Easy access to a beach, more time with Seth, life in a blue state, a newer car, a fancier but not bigger house, and to have friends over more.
What dates from 2013 will be etched in your memory and why?
My niece's birthday and the car accident, both for obvious reasons.
What was your biggest achievement of this year?
Fulfilling the 2 year commitment to my job where only half of my basic training class did the same.
What was your biggest failure?
I have several goals that were not met from 2013:  Work on novel, get a newer car, soften the verbal hammer (Seth said only some progress was made).
What do you wish you'd done more of?
Nothing!  I'm trying to do less!
Compared to this time last year are you:  A) richer or poorer B) happier or sadder  C) thinner or fatter?
A) richer- saved 4 retirement!!  B)about the same?  C)thinner
What was your favorite TV Program?
Deadliest Catch, Vikings, The Amazing Race, Teen Mom, Gordon Ramsay, The Profit, Housewives
(I tape them so I ff the boring parts and it doesn't take very long.)
How did you spend Christmas?
On a Carribean Cruise!
What did you do on your birthday & how old are you?
I'm still under 40 (whew!) and my boyfriend and mom surprised me by flying her in for my bday and the USMC Ball!
How would you describe your personal fashion concept of 2013?
For work:  khaki utility pants, polo shirt w/badge, gun & utility belt, body armor, taser, hot pink handcuffs
For play:  Girlie, but lots more cowboy boots and denim being here in The South.
What kept you sane?
My boyfriend who always has my back and cleans the house and cooks and does all the laundry.  And my mom, who travels with me and supports me 100% in all my endeavors.
Tell me a valuable lesson you learned in 2013?
Some people will always complain about military life, but when they get involuntarily separated, they realize they wish they had appreciated it.  So, appreciate where you are NOW, enjoy the journey.
And, my great-grandpa is 104, so don't bottle up your feelings (he's not afraid of an argument!), take care of yourself and save for retirement!

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