Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gluten Free Super Bowl Foods

What to make or bring for a gluten free party?
Here are some items I have made, brought, and served at parties lately:
Chocolate-covered espresso beans, yogurt raisins, baked Snapea Crisps, and Vanilla Creme Brulee Quakes rice snacks

Tinkyada brown rice lasagna noodles (from Whole Foods), a pepperoni yummy lasagna recipe from allrecipes.  Nothing left on their plates, people were surprised to know it was gluten free!  My Major is Italian, so this gluten free lasagna is a staple at my house, enhanced by fresh basil from the garden and premium cheeses.  This picture is the cold lasagna leftover after I had a few ladies over one night.
I sent these peanut butter blossoms (I googled a recipe and substituted Pamela's gf flour blend) to work with my Marine and took some to my work.  Didn't say they were GF.  Nobody knew or asked anything. They ate them like no tomorrow!
For gluten free party food that ALL guests- glutenous eaters AND gluten-free eaters- will like, and won't know or care that it's gf--- see pictures above.  
I have also had success with selections that are usually gluten free anyway as long as you label-read (I use Ghirardelli chocolate to melt and hummus/dips that are labeled gf): 
  •  chocolate-dipped pretzels
  • chocolate-dipped tuxedo strawberries
  • apples with caramel dip
  •  crudite/veggies with hummus (sprinkle paprika and pine nuts on hummus for effect)
  •  stuffed peppers
  • curry shrimp-stuffed avocado-see recipe here  I've also done a vegetarian version w raisins,nuts
  •  potato chips and dip (I've used dip mixes with sour cream- just read the labels)
  •  chee-tos
  •  tortilla chips and guacamole or salsa
  •  candy or chocolate pops (buy molds at Michael's Craft Stores- they are SO easy to make)
  •  cold quinoa/veg/mint salad
  •  rice pudding
  • Jell-o, jell-o shots, margaritas
  • baked nachos with monsterous toppings
  • lemon meringue pie with crushed nut crust
  • chocolate cream pie with S'moreables gf graham cracker crust
  • gluten free Hello Dolly Bars
  • GF chili-there is a tasty gluten free chili spice mix available at Super Target- read label
  • bacon-wrapped scallops
  •  scalloped potatoes, potato skins
  • stuffed mushrooms (top w/GF breadcrumbs)
  • Spanish rice with bacon
  • chilled shrimp and gf cocktail sauce
  • frozen chocolate bananas
  • green bean casserole with pork rind topping and gf Progresso cream of mushroom soup
  • ribs or chicken wings (youtube video recipe here with Sweet Baby Ray's or Kraft barbeque sauce or hot wings w/hot sauce  
I don't like flan or creme brulee, but if you do, those are also gluten free.   
Other gluten free cookies and GF Rice Krispie Treats were not eaten as much as the other glutenous desserts at parties.  
Gluten Free, Low Carb, Raw Food, and Paleo:  stuffed avocados.  Vegetarian or add shrimp, crab, or chicken.  I made mine stuffed with raisins and nuts.  They were devoured by the ubiquitous New Year's Dieters still on the horse in early February.
Bacon-wrapped scallops...bite-sized, savory, and easy to make!
Tuxedo strawberries- naturally gluten free, as long as you use gf chocolate.  I  prefer Ghirardelli's chips and melt in microwave or on a double boiler with a little canning wax.

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