Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gluten free steak fajitas, lime rice, n beans

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dr. Rudert's Insight and Gluten Free Whole Foods Atlanta: Gluten free pizza, Daniel Bousquet, gf beer, and The Vitamix

After attending the fabulous Dr. Rudert's question and answer session about celiac disease Saturday, I learned:
*Gluten Free for Dummies is the best selling Dummies book ever!
*She has treated over 600 celiacs and noticed a trigger seems to be ear tubes (like my brother and I had!)
*A lot of people dx with MS don't have MS, they have gluten ataxia
*40% of U.S. population has celiac gene, but only 1% trigger celiac disease
*once celiacs go gluten free, their fertility returns to normal,
*10% of celiacs may have negative bloodwork,
*sibo (Small intestine bacterial overgrowth)is hard to diagnose, but causes many gastro-intestinal issues and she recommends probiotics
*Fat malabsorption in the stool is ALWAYS abnormal (one sign is an orange ring around the toilet)

*she recommends celiacs be followed up annually with doc, testing B12, Vit.D, Thyroid, and MMA
*and she reaffirmed that tingling, neurological issues, and NIGHT BLINDNESS are from malabsorption that celiacs get...I wish she'd email my eye doctor in Virginia who told me "no way".

After the presentation, I sampled a new brand of baked goods: Dr. Sweet's spicy cookie (hot and inedible) and brownie (fair, decent texture, doughy in the mouth, flavor is ok- nothing to write home about), and then I pointed my baby benz in the direction of Whole Foods Sandy Springs for the Gluten Free Food Expo.

I spent 1.5 hours sampling and talking with gluten free lifestyle livers and sample vendors.
Gluten Free Foods I did not like:
Chef Ricardo's Mucho Macho Tomato Sauce- It lacked body and there were herb needles in my mouth
Sweet Oven Cheese Rolls- tasted similar to Chebe. Tasted raw-ish. I'd never eat them.

Chef Daniel Bousquet- himself- he was MIA or talking at the Vitamix table so I never got to try his eggplant lasagna, and just because we're gluten free doesn't mean we want to eat a pile of veggies with cheese as a main course. What on earth do you eat for a side with that? The amount of water in that dish makes my stomach feel swimmy already! I need a cracker!
Lucy's oatmeal cookies- super crunchy and tasteless. I prefer the chocolate chip, but I don't ever buy those. If I do buy cookies, I buy K-Toos or Pamela's.
American Gra-Frutti: crackers-ok taste, but overly crunchy texture; bread- ok flavor, but sticky texture and not fluffy like Udi's (yum) or buttery like Against the Grain (2die4); I did like American Gra-Frutti's pimento spread, but frankly I don't use spreads. If anything, I use peanut butter or real slices of cheese on my crackers.
Namaste pizza dough- too doughy, I like a crisp crust on the edge and soft inside.
Gluten Free Foods I DID like:
Everything the demonstrator made with the Vitamix: Soup, frozen fruit ice cream substitute, smoothies, green tea drink, and even the mocha drink (and I don't like coffee).
American Gra-Frutti muffins, good flavor and oily texture like muffins always have
Beanitos chips made with beans for protein and fiber- Chipotle flavor was my favorite, but if I were using guac, salsa, etc. I might get the pinto bean kind that tasted too plain alone
1Mix protein shake-mango flavor- I liked it because it tasted less chalky, more creamy and drinkable than other protein shakes
What I bought: Beanitos and 1Mix mango shakes, along with Against the Grain Gluten Free Pizza,

Against the Grain Gluten Free Baguettes, Udi Multigrain bread, and Rudi Hot Dog Buns (nice texture- soft! and flavor-I ended up eating the leftover bun after the meat was gone, although it did get soggy and split in half from the condiments I slopped on there), and ChipIns white cheddar flavor. I also wrote a comment card requesting Jules Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches.
What I WISH I had bought: VITAMIX. I asked for one for Xmas last year, but I guess I was naughty. The Vitamix demonstrator told me that I asked the wrong Santa and I need to get on Craigslist and meet a new santa! haha. My yearning for the uber chopping, blending, mixing machine began when a retired lady at my gluten free support group in CA brought a delicious

gluten free cake that she had made from a Vitamix recipe with her Vitamix that she'd had for over 20 years. These super-frugal women in the group who wouldn't buy gf bread for the cost, all had Vitamixes! Then the best homemade food I've ever had, made by a wife of my Marine's buddy in Hawaii (whom we stayed with last year on our vacay)- she swore by her Vitamix. And how much does a Vitamix cost? Over $400. And I saw a lady walking out with one in front of me.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats and Random Tidbits

Update: I made the gluten free Rice Krispie Treats. It took under ten minutes from getting the ingredients out of the cupboard, to microwaving, to pouring in the pan. Uber simple! I enjoyed them immensely. The texture seemed to match memories of the originals.
However, I must say that people at the potluck (I didn't share that the treats were gf) seemed to prefer to nosh on the gluteny brownies.
Scary Moment: I brought the treats in the pan because they were still warm. So, the host grabbed them, cut them, and proceded to use his hands to place them on a plate. Luckily, there was no obvious gluten around (it was a small party, with steamed shrimp as the main course, along with corn and steamed potatoes). So, I was able to eat them. What is it with people touching other peoples' food with their HANDS? It even bothers me when they do it on Top Chef. I can't even let my mind "go there" when it comes to what happens to my food while it's being prepared in the kitchen of restaurants. I was a waitress in college. I know.

By the way, my friend and gluten free friendly food blogger, Katja, prepared Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats with her own spin: Lemon and almond slivers. Her blog is here.
This is Katja's gluten free yogurt parfait that I'd like to try:

I had my Leatherneck snap this photo of me because my dear mother wanted a pic of the apron she made me. Actually it was a fabric apron kit I got out of the sale bin at JoAnn's Fabrics and mailed to my mother to sew for me, since she's always looking for quick crafts (she has a small attention span), although she said it took 4 hours to make this. (I grew up watching my mom mend piles of cloth bags and things for relatives and declared as a child that I'd never learn to sew, I'd have a career and make enough to pay to have it done. And it has been pretty convenient, especially since I have carpal tunnel anyway!)
And, yes, I've gained 4 lbs. since moving to Atlanta- despite running with a 5k group every week and working out at the gym. Gotta get that off!
Breakfasts: Watermelon, banana, or gluten free Glutino peanut and chocolate granola bar (110 cal)
Lunches: Rice Krispie treats, popsicles, and Lara Bars
Dinners: Salmon, Wolfgang Puck's recipe for poppyseed cole slaw, Rachael Ray's Honey Chicken and Lemony Rice (very difficult to make, lots of ingredients, chopping, and clean up, but tasty! We made up for the hard work and mess by zapping the leftovers in the microwave for an easy dinner the next night, and they were delicious!), Hormel's Sweet Italian Sausages, waffle cut frozen sweet potato fries.
Snacks/Desserts: S'mores over the campfire with Gluten Free Smorables Graham Crackers from Super Target while camping in Wisconsin (read more about my camping and other summer adventures here), Breyer's Ice Cream and Edward & Sons gluten free cones for my Marine's birthday, Minute Maid 70 calorie juice bars, veggies and hummus
Drinks: Iced Tea, water with fresh lemon slices (never get the lemon at restaurants-they've been proven to be the germiest items around), and Low Calorie purple Gatorade

Surprisingly, I thought it was just as superb as the book! I loved it. There wasn't a male in the theater (you must see it with gal pals). I heard some ladies sniffling. The characters were expertly cast and the 2.5 hours didn't seem long at all, allowing all the good parts from the book to be included. I was leery (which I thought was spelled leary), given that she'd allowed her childhood friend to direct it.

SONGS: (I'm not putting anything that's already in the top ten, you can find that easy enough.)
My Jarhead was helping me julienne stuff for the cole slaw and heard my playlist song by Trace Adkins (I love his music) for the first time, "Semper Fi". He was impressed- he does not have a country gene in his musical body. I highly recommend it. Also, I just added to my running playlist Miranda Lambert's edgy "Gunpowder and Lead" that revs me up. A romantic choice would be Leo Sayers's "More Than I Can Say", which was my grandparents' song. They eloped as teenagers and were married over 35 years.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats

The mission was to nab two boxes, one to eat as cereal and the other to make Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats.
Breakfast Result: It's not as nauseatingly bad of a re-make as the A-Team movie was...but the Gluten Free Rice Krispies, unlike the Gluten Free Rice Chex, are made with brown rice and taste less sweet and not as good as the original. The texture seemed pretty good. Same snap, crackle, pop. I will probably not eat it again after finishing this box. When I eat cereal, I'll stick with Rice Chex or that Organic Corn Flakes sweetened by fruit juice that I like.

My friend Katja (from the petite indulgences cooking blog)already made the treats with lemon and almond slivers, but she said she'd try something else next time. I found this blogger whose son said the plain ones were "fine". So, I guess I'll just make mine plain. I'm taking them to a cookout tonight (Southern "Cookout"= a "barbeque" in CA, and "grilling out" in IL). I'll let you know if I should've saved my money, waited for it to come out on DVD, or got a Blockbuster on my hands.

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