Friday, April 22, 2011

My review of the Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide by Matison

My Marine's mother gave me this guide as a gift. She is a retired teacher and seems to think we need lots of guides...and guidance, wink, wink. He's an only child. Need I say more?
I appreciate the gift as I'm too cheap to have purchased the $25 item myself. It is the size of a thick paperback and we wondered if it would be more useful than the gluten free iphone apps we have tried and rarely use (they usually lack in quantity of products or are outdated). We usually just use our phone to do a web search to verify whether or not a product is gluten free as we stand in the aisle in the store (our home is gluten free and Seth eats gluten free at home--however, occasionally he'll reheat a gluten-laden leftover in the microwave).
We have taken the book to the store with us a couple of times. Since we are familiar with many of the usual suspects on our grocery list, I mostly used it to find stuff I am normally afraid of trying, or brands that were questionable, unknown, or cheaper. It did help me find cheaper microwave popcorn, another brand of chicken, chicken broth, and another brand of breakfast sausage. (I discovered there are many brands of chicken broth gf, but the beef flavor of same brands aren't gf.) However, I noticed that some gf items must be excluded, because the hot cocoa I usually purchase was not listed. Although it includes many store brands, it didn't list Harris Teeter, our store.
In sum, I'll probably keep it because when we move to Atlanta we will have the joyful experience of finding new grocery stores and even old faves, like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry completely different products in each store. So, I'll get new store lists from them. And life will be good again. Gluten free good!

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