Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jason's Deli: Gluten Free Restaurants Atlanta

Since my LoveBug is a Marine Officer, we move frequently and we choose where to live based on safety, proximity to highways and routing against traffic to his job, proximity to Whole Foods, and lastly, the actual dwelling suitability. (We don't live on base. We're a bit nontraditional.) We lucked out to be less than a mile from many restaurants with gluten free menus: Maggiano's, Wildfire, Mimi's, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Olive Garden, Seasons 52, Five Guys, Jason's Deli, Carraba's, and Outback. My Hero has an Italian mother who doesn't cook, so he has had a lifelong habit of dining out frequently. I eat out with him about twice a week. Here's what we love about Jason's Deli:
He only dines gluten free at home, so he orders the Southern Sandwich Sensation: Muffaletta. Seth went to Tulane University (on a Marine scholarship!), so he was delighted to treat himself to this New Orleans dish. Muffaletta is on a round Italian sesame bread (similar to foccacia), with Italian meats covered in a marinated salad of olives.

Of course, it's not gluten free. In fact, visiting New Orleans is severely unfriendly to gluten free people- even most cornbread has gluten there-and it is awful watching everyone else revel in the culinary masterpieces from gumbo to seafood to po'boys to beignets.

Back to Jason's Deli: I devoured my sandwich on gluten free bread, with my choice of toppings from

the gluten free menu, served with chips and a pickle, followed by complimentary ice cream soft serve.

I've eaten at two locations four times (My Leatherneck REALLY loves that muffaletta!) so far, and I've never gotten ill. You order at the counter and they give you a number where the server brings your food. I noticed my food comes with a piece of tissue paper on the plate. It's a tall sandwich, so with the chips and ice cream, only half a sandwich would be filling, but I usually skip breakfast before I go and eat the whole sandwich. I've read that the gf bread is packaged with its own knife to prevent cc. There is a salad bar with gluten free items, but I wasn't a big salad bar person before going gluten free, so it's not something I want to try. I've also had the loaded baked potato and it was a huge portion also. Yum!

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