Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why Don't You...?

Shake things up! In lieu of watching a movie or playing YouTube videos, perhaps this weekend you will have a few minutes to shake up your routine by doing something you haven't done in awhile, making use of stuff that's just sitting around your house, waking up your creativity, wiping out a procrastinated task, or letting someone know you care.
Why Don't You...

  • use a kitchen gadget that's been gathering dust (crock pot chicken n dumplings? Smoothie?)
  • jot a note in a card or postcard and mail it to an elderly family member 
  • put cloth/reusable bags in your car trunk so you will have them when you go shopping
  • put foldable lawn chairs in your car trunk since it's spring and you might be needing them
  • look up a spring festival to attend
  • go paint something at one of those ceramic stores for your mother on Mother's Day
  • fix something that's broken: jewelry, etc.
  • type the first chapter of that book you always wanted to write & look up a writing group to share it at this month
  • wipe off the dust bunnies coagulating on your ceiling fan- or at least look up there to see...
  • brush your pets' teeth
  • write a haiku 
  • swap out some photos from your picture frames, have digitals printed (upload to walgreens and pick up in an hour) and buy or paint a new frame
  • buy plain terracotta planters, decorate with paint pens or paint, and plant seeds
  • fly a kite (like we've done twice so far this spring) 99 cent kites, yay
  • press flowers
  • look in your spice cupboard, find something rarely used in there and look up a recipe for it
  • bake something to bring with you when you meet friends or family this weekend
  • unearth old exercise equipment and use it like you intended when you bought it
  • gather a stack of stuff you've been meaning to sell online, photograph it and post it for sale
  • find something that keeps not getting done on your to-do list and prepare/do a baby step to make it easier when you can start back at it next week (look up the ph#, research a list, etc.)
  • schedule reminders in your phone for mundane items you often forget (fertilize flowers, pet meds)
  • paint your toenails (or your partner's)
  • use that Groupon you got that expired (it's still worth face value)
  • return stuff to the store or put it in the car with a receipt so it's ready to go
  • stock up the toilet paper carrel or refill the handsoaps
  • open your messiest closet or cupboard and commit 20 minutes to making it better than it is now
  • get a shadow box for something special to honor it the way it should be
  • find out where the master gardener's give their mandatory free classes and attend a spring window basket class (the fall one I went to was amazing and I created awesome stuff after)
  • make or fill a birdbath or bird feeder or bird house
  • plant an herb garden or the upside down hanging tomato planters if you don't have much space
  • use plain yogurt to make a fancy dip (get a spice mix or look up a recipe online)
  • change out the drawer pulls on an old dresser (Hobby Lobby & CostPlus World Market)
  • wear a hat you rarely wear but look good in
  • rotate things that have been pushed to the back or to the bottom- place them in front to use them-- freezer items, clothing on hangers or in drawers, books
  • run the dishwasher then match up your tupperware to the lids and recycle extraneous
  • use the "good" stuff:  the good dishes, your good shoes, your good makeup, etc.
  • learn how to use something you already have (fancy camera, instrument, tool, art stuff, computer)
  • use your home- did you buy your home with entertaining in mind? have you done it lately?
  • randomly invite someone new to the area or a new friend to come along with you this weekend 
  • go to image3D dot com and create a viewmaster of personal photos for an upcoming gift
  • make real postage stamps using your photos (great gift idea) or kids' photos
  • go in your attic or basement and find some items to display/rotate out ones that have been out
  • make a wall collage of frames grouped together. look online for examples, pointers
  • buy new towels and donate or put the old in the garage for spills
  • use your picnic basket.  get it out and plan a picnic for tomorrow
  • finish a project you started.  if not finish, then commit an hour to further it along
  • dust off your bikes, racquets, or other sporting equipment and use it
  • need to break up your weekday routine? today you can invite an old friend to a Taco Tuesday or Margarita Monday
  • Have you delayed sending a thank you?  Go to keurig website and send a set of coffees or teas 
  • burn your candles, you bought them for a reason
  • look at your dwelling- do you still need...curtains, blinds, headboard, bed skirt? All of these make your rooms look SO MUCH BETTER and for a small cost can make a room feel so much better
  • gather up toiletries to create a basket for your guest room so it's ready next time
  • do that thing- that thing that stops you from inviting people over, fix it so it stops stopping you
  • take your vitamins, drink green tea, or whatever else it was you read about that you wanted to do
  • download a language app or learn something in a "game" format on memrise dot com
    Window box I created with 'thrillers, fillers and spillers" after attending a free Master Gardener's lecture.  Master gardener's are required to share their knowledge and they are all over the place.  Find out where you can learn from them for free!

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