Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gluten Free Foods I've Tried Lately

Gluten Free Foods I've tried lately:

Blue Moon Pizza in Sandy Springs, GA---  I liked the pizza, it was $16 and they offer Redbridge and Green's GF beers.  The pizza was tasty, with fresh toppings, but my stomach was upset that evening, but my stomach gets sensitive just from eating "too much" gf flour-laden/processed foods I think.  I ate at least half of the tasty 10" pizza, so I probably did it to myself!  Their website lists the exact ingredients of the dough and the precautions they take for GF preparation, too!
Blue Moon Gluten Free Pizza and Green's gluten free Beer
Orange Chicken from Lavender Asian Bistro
Moe's Southwest: Dunwoody, GA--- Now that I'm a Parole Officer, I enjoy that they give a "uniform discount"-25%, so I had the pork rice bowl and the dressing that comes with it is excellent.  I did ask the preparer to use new gloves and a clean spoon and to take food from the untouched, back area of the bins to prepare mine.  And...I felt fine after eating there- which is a great thing when you're driving in a car with 2 other officers, visiting parolees at their houses.  The cool Coca Cola machine that you get to fill up your own soda with is fun, too!  Sprite Zero is my hero!  Here is Moe's website.
Lavender Asian Bistro-Lawrenceville, GA---I thought the place was modern and elegant. The server was funny, knowledgeable and on point. I ordered orange chicken, which was delightfully breaded, and had a thick sauce with strawberries and mango, but a bit too sweet. I still enjoyed it. The calamari was very good- similar to the gluten version in most places. The fact that most dishes contain MSG was alarming. It was a fun event socializing with others without worrying about after-effects, cross-contamination, ordering miscommunication,etc. The price was reasonable as well.  Here's the website.

Gluten Free Foods and Snacks:

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cornbread Mix:
Looks great, nice texture, and fairly easy to prepare.  The problem is, I got sick from eating it.  I keep a gluten free kitchen, but I do have stomach issues sometimes when I eat more than a small amount of products with lots of gf flours and stuff.  For example, if I have more than one of Pamela's cookies or Lucy's (the parts per million must add up).  If you don't have trouble eating gf baked goods, you'll be fine.  
I'm taking these back to the store for a refund.  Gross!
Mi-Del S'mores gluten free snacks:  I got these at Whole Paycheck Foods.  Thought it would be a nice addition to my snack drawer at work.  Uhhh- not!  Yuk.  Overly crunchy, bad texture, not reminiscent of a s'more over the fire in any way.  Tastes like they took bad oreo crumbs and condensed them together, similar to pressed particleboard.  Luckily, Whole Foods gives you your $ back for products you return because you don't like them.  

My favorite cupcake- from Whole Foods Market- frozen section
Whole Foods Bakery Cupcakes- in the frozen section- my longtime favorite cupcake. I've eaten these for years.  They are a staple for PMS days.  Microwave for 20 seconds on defrost.  People often ask me my favorite ready-made cupcakes and it's a tie between these and Red Velvet Cupcakery in D.C.'s black velvet gluten free cupcake.

Glow Gluten Free Cookies:  Previously, I stated that I hated these chocolate chip cookies and was bewildered as to why anyone would eat the crumbly, dry wreckage of a cookie.  Interestingly enough, I'd won them as part of a prize basket in a silent auction at a gf food faire, so I had several boxes and flavors.  I now realize that the first box I tried must have been OLD.  So many gluten free products have a short shelf life, which is extra annoying because they are so much more expensive, so it's a bigger waste when you throw them away.  I saved the other boxes to "donate" to any willing takers at the next meetup for my GF dinner group.  Unwittingly, in an act of PMS desperation, I tore into the double chocolate box a few weeks later, and they, surprisingly enough,were GOOD!  Thin, chewy, and rich chocolate flavor.  Serendipity at its best, the snickerdoodles and gingersnaps were also chewy, flavorful, and yummy!  At the right price, I would buy them.  Here is the website.  I have no idea where to buy them.
Just like the gluteny "Kraft Blue Box" kind I grew up on.  Great taste, price, and above, all TEXTURE!
Two Thumbs WAAAAY UP!!!!!  I got mine at Trader Joe's in Sandy Springs, GA.

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