Monday, January 16, 2012

Gluten Free Snacks for Work: Avoid being the Carrie CrankyPants of your Office

Sadly, I often work through my lunch at work.  When I get that hunger slump/grouchy, low blood sugar feeling, here's what gluten free goodies I bite off, in lieu of my coworkers' heads:
I like Justin's butters to spread on crackers or dip Glutino gluten free pretzels into.  I buy at Super Target or health store.

DeMet's turtles make a sweet gluten free treat.  I buy at drug store or Super Target.

These crispy rice bars are ONLY good when soft.  I ONLY like the peanut choc drizzle flavor.I buy at Super Target.

I like all flavors of the bunny fruit snacks.  I get them at Super Target. This is not my hand.

I buy these at Super Target or Whole Foods.  I spread with p.b., cheese,  or tuna.   They do not compare to a "regular" cracker, but are an acceptable gluten free topping-holder or chili-topping.

I prefer this Love Grow granola. (Udi's scrapes my gums in my mouth.  I hate Bakery on Main- it's not crunchy enough and gets stale too quickly.)  I buy LoveGrown at Kroger.

Tasty, but a bit hard to chew.  Beware- they can get hard, even though they are sealed in indiv. wrappers.

Lara bars are an ACQUIRED taste.  I used to only like Apple and Pecan.  Now I love this cookie dough kind and banana nut bread.

Nice, savory snack.  Worked great when I smelled someone cooking bacon in the toaster oven at work.

Gluten free heaven, but due to cost, I usually by the PLAIN and dip in my own chocolate or p.b.

Guiltlessly gluten free.  Some people don't eat Quaker since products are made on "shared" equipment.
Funny enough, I didn't like the first flavor I tried at a gf food faire- it was vegetable and chicken noodle.  Later, I had a coupon and was SURPRISED to LOVE the chili with angus beef, the chicken chili, and REALLY surprised I liked clam chowder  and Thai curry chicken soup, since I didn't eat those flavors prior to being gluten free!  These FROZEN gluten free soups taste BETTER THAN CANNED soups- better seasoning, fresher, ONLY 250 CALORIES and lots of MEAT!

I add Love Joy granola to my yogurt.  This is the yogurt my boyfriend prefers, and it is good.   I stock up when Kroger has them on sale for $1.

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