Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peter's of Dunwoody

We went to Peter's of Dunwoody, in Dunwoody, GA, based on a friend's recommendation of their gluten free chicken parmesan that is to-die-for.  Well, I must say, we went without reservations on a Friday night and there was no wait.  The totally nineties, frumpy, brown dining room was almost empty, and we were the only patrons under age 50.  To our amazement, the frowning hostess took it upon herself to ask if we'd called ahead.  My Marine and I exchange glances.  Should we go wait at PF Chang's?
The waiter was less frowny, but when asked what was gluten free, he apologized profusely and said only pasta.  Due to my friend's recommendation, I asked for the chicken parmesan, and was served a delicious chicken parmesan, without breading, over gf pasta (which seemed to be corn pasta, not my fave).  Now you know, chicken is NOT my favorite.  This chicken was JUICY, the marinara sauce was flavorful, and the pasta was ok.  The Major's gluteny lobster ravioli was amazing, he says.  I brought my own Against the Grain baguette.
 It was a nice meal, but we were not full afterwards- I skip lunch on days I know I'm dining out for dinner.  I wish it had been served with veggies.  Seth enjoyed the caesar salad and I loved the caprese salad (mozz & tomato with a green dressing).  Seth also had spumoni ice cream and coffee, which was served in a country mug decorated with little birds on a branch, just like at Grandma's house!  In the nineties, of course.

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